Tuesday, November 25, 2008

my bad day..

i'm dizzling n in pain since last nite..
i think it is cause by migraine..
it's effect all i'd done today..

i'm quite sad n unsatisfied..
i cannot give my best in answering today's exam.
i cannot concentrate at all..
the pain cost me a big mess in my head..

since early morning,
as i woke up for some revision,
out of 100%, only 50-60% managed to be revised..
others were strangled together with the pain..

during the exam,
wut i'd answered maybe just partly correct
n the others were mixed up..
n wut i'd revised might be useless..

now, wut can i do is
just hope for the best result..
at least enough to pass
n dont have to repeat the paper..

p/s : i'm still feeling the headache rite now..


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