Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bukit Jalil.. here we go..

as i mentioned in my previous n3,
i'll be going to watch Bukit Jalil..
so, yesterday afternoon,
i went to Bukit Jalil to buy the tickets
for semifinals and finals matches..

these are the tickets..
2 days for 3persons
the games start in the afternoon..

Semifinals tickets - Lower Tier
(2nd class seats - quite a distance from courts)

Finals tickets - Premium
(first class seats - can get best view of finals games)

So, this Saturday and Sunday i'll go with Usin..
and not to forget, my special guest of both days, Munirah..
she will also follow us to watch the matches..
'baru nk cuba utk minat badminton'

to others who loves badminton, go buy ur tickets b4 sold out..

p/s : 'syira, klau xde aral join la ktorang kt sana k.. hehehe...


Munirah Abd said...


SYIRA said...

huhu.. aku x dpt gi la anep. Neway, aku nmpk ko kat tv! ahaks.

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