Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my kazen

i've nothing to do today as it is a very hot day..
which make me quite boring
and dont have any idea to put in this n3..

so, in this unexpected n3,
i would like to show all of u
my youngest cousin.. Airil
he is so cute..

u will love his pictures..
as he is so photofriendly..
so enjoy the pictures..

this pictures were taken at his parents' house in Cheras..

his eyes is making contact with lense..

try to act cool on his tricycle.. vroom.. vroom..

meanwhile, these pictures were taken at Perlis.. (balik kampung at my hometown)
actually all the pictures have story.. so let have a look at the story..

"mana kakak2 aku ni?" (searching 4 his sisters)

"eh.. ada iklan best la.." (he likes to watch commercial break..)
'kartun minat gk.. besa la kn budak2..'

"aduhh.. letih la bdiri.. nk dduk je lah" (sit down coz so tired)
'but mata tu xbganjak dr kaca tv'

the pictures were all taken not on purpose..
but i really like his reaction.. so cute ..


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