Monday, January 26, 2009


Last Saturday n Sunday, i went to wedding ceremony..
the ceremony was at Putrajaya n Segambut..

On Saturday, it was the bride's family's ceremony..
it was at Putrajaya.. Precint 9..

my family is part og groom's family..
so we're treated like special guests..
there're red carpet prepared 4 us, the groom's family..
and we also given goody bags n cakes..

meanwhile, on Sunday (yesterday)..
4 the groom's ceremony, it was at segambut..

that day, i became the photographer.. (guna SLR Canon EOS 20D)just helping them.. n try to get more experiences in photographing..
(bnyk gk blaja dr pak long n pak andak... diorg ni mmg gila camera..)

p/s : cik munirah, diorg ckp i dah ada gaya, cuma perlu diasah bkat je. hehehe..
: sowie, xde pics lain.. smua lum transfer..


Munirah Abd said...

elehhhhhhhhhhhhhh talak helannnn :P

*unsur2x jeles.....

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

huhuhu.. i tau u jeles.. hehehe.. nnt kte dua g photoshoot plak k.. ur friend's wedding is coming..

fazrin2211 said...

wah dah ade kamera, elokla tu, sehati jejiwa raga

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