Friday, January 23, 2009


what do u know about lizards?

i just want to show u pictures which are related to munirah's n3..

this picture was taken sumwhere at langkawi island..
i cannot remember when coz it was so long.. (masa tu zaman aku blaja kt uitm)

the lizards were at their real size.. i dont make super impose k..

just look at the size of the lizards compared with the size of the letric component..
it is obvious that the lizards were quite big..
don't you think so?


Munirah Abd said...

mcm house lizard yg i post kat my n3 eh..
tp ngah wat per tu?? peliknyaaaa

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

ye arrr.. mcm house lizard.. saiz dia lbey kurang 2 3 jari gk le.. activity lizards tu mmg sgt mushkil.. mcm tgh kissing je.. hehehe..

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