Monday, January 19, 2009

new comers

firstly, i would like to welcome all new bloggers..
this n3 is to introduce my friends' blogs who just started blogging..

first, my roommate, Ilyas Adam..
but his blog is a private blog.. (catatan peribadi je kot)
p/s : ilyas's diary

next is Azrul Aizat aka Comot..
(comot, ko plak nk cite psal guitar or slipknot ke?)

ok.. thats all 4 now..
keep posting and enjoy blogging to all bloggers..


Munirah Abd said...

welcome to other new world!!!
hahahah..selamat menempuh alam blogging dgn tabah...

Anonymous said...

Ilyas.. jgn tulis sal gay.. ha nep.. ko igt aku xleh tulis sal org2 nasyid ke? ha? hahahaha.. anyway... makasih..

45927 2326 said...

hahaha nip, mekasih ek... eleh comot.. kata org gay... dia tu... ha...

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