Saturday, January 31, 2009


i hate waiting..

supposed the ptptn money shud already be in my account..
but, from january(registered) till the end of the month,
i got nothing..
just false alarm..

some rumours said mid january, some said after CNY,
n some oso said end of this month..
but, it is still nothing..

now it almost february.. when i can get it??
still no money being deposited into my account..
what r the ptptn workers doing?
'goyang kaki'??... 'makan gaji buta'??

n wtf is unisel's loan department doing?
when r u going to do ur job properly?

if it is about 'student' paying to 'unisel',
u want it as soon as possible..
but when it come to us to get money..
u r delaying it as long as u can..
so unfair..

grrrrrr.. i'm so tension.. angry and disappointed..
this is my last sem.. but no improvement at all...

p/s : 'eee...bila aku nk dpt duit ni?? aku nk beli brg2 utk praktikal aku pn ssah.. klau ada org nk sponsor xpe la gk..'


Anonymous said...

Unisel = University for Retard students... or
Unisel = University full of Retard staffs?

lek sudey.. kalo pasal ptptpu tu.. cam da bese dah.. aku tau ko nk joli. hahaha..

jgn lupe kes matrik kad aku, subject registration aku, status belaja aku, yuran tunggakkan KITE! hahahaha.. member aku keje unisel pon bebulu je.. XD

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