Thursday, February 14, 2008


Dear Bloggers,
Last Tuesday i went with my friends to Pertama Kompleks. We want to buy badminton racquets and a basketball.. I was not feeling very well that day.. but all my friends wanted me to accompanied them to choose the suitable racquet.
I then followed them and when i was in the shop, i also bought a new racquet (YONEX NC TUFF 9 LIGHT) to replace my broken racquet. it's quite expensive but i feel really comfortable with it. i've not try to play with the racquet yet becoz since i bought it, i've a lot of works and dont have time to play badminton.. maybe next week.. huhu..
Ok, now i want to share with all of u my assignment.. essay that i must write for one of my subject this sem. it's an essay about badminton and its rules.

Badminton and its Rules.

Have you ever heard about badminton sports? How badminton being played? Badminton like game was known in ancient Greece and Egypt - a game called battledore and shuttlecock - in which two players hit a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets. The game was called "Poona" in India during the 18th Century. In the 1860s it was adopted by British Army officers stationed in India. The officers took the game back to England, where it became a success at a party given by the Duke of Beaufort in 1873 at his estate called "Badminton" in Gloucestershire. This game must be based on some rules regulated for the game. The three most important rules are basic aims, serving and scoring.

The first important rules which related to badminton games are the basic aims. One of the two opponents of badminton player must win a rally by hitting the shuttle over the net onto the floor of the opposing side’s court. One of the players will lose the rally if the player hit the shuttle into the net or the shuttle went over the net but outside the opposing side’s court. The player also will lose the rally if the shuttle touches the player’s body or clothing, or the player hit it before it crosses the net, or the player touches the net while game is still playing.

Another important rule in badminton games are serving. The service courts are slightly different for singles and doubles. A shuttle on the line will be called "in" which mean the player will get a point. The server and receiver stand in the diagonally opposite service courts and always in right hand court at the start of the game but after the serve, both players may move anywhere on their side of the net. The server must obey laws designed to force underhand delivery of the serve, and the receiver must stand still until the service is struck.

Finally, the most important rules are the scoring. Matches comprise of the best of three games. Each game starts at 0-0 and if the serving side wins a rally, it scores a point, and serves again but from the alternate service court. If the receiving side wins the rally, the score will be given to the receiver and at the same the time will take the next service according to the points the player have collected. In both men's and women’s singles and doubles events, 21 points wins a game. However, if the score reaches 20-20, the game will be called as deuce. The first who get two clear points of the opponents will win the set.

These three rules, basic aims, serving and scoring, are very vital in playing a badminton game. These may lead to a fascinating and full of sportsmanship for both oppositions teams. With all those rules, badminton surely is a fair and enjoyable game to be played by everyone in the entire world.

Erm..for those who like to play badminton n know about badminton, u shud be able to understand this better. enjoy urself reading n learning the rules.. thats all 4 now.. tata...


Munirah Abd said...

first..y u duduk sopan like a girl!!

second..dr dulu sampai sekarang i masih x reti rules badminton ni!! ahahaha

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...'s not sopan actually.. at that time 'nature call' is calling.. so, to prevent it from 'ringing' again, so that's y i sit like that..

erm..about the rules, the one in the essay is just the basic.. but it is the most important rules to be learn. hehehe..

when u were child, i thought u trained under arwah Hj Sidek rite? dont u remember anything?

Munirah Abd said...

hahaha..tu i pegi sehari je kat umah hj sidek tu!!

penat la g training kat umah dia..
smua hebat2x

i asik pukul bola tu kena kat pokok!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

nape pokok yg kamoo target? huhu.. xpe, nnt ada msa sma2 kita men bdmnton..

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