Friday, February 29, 2008

What a relief..

Dear Friends,

After a whole week of restless, finally i can have some time of relaxation.. Starting from Monday to Thursday, there are a lot assignments must be completed including some replacement class which have been scheduled for the week.

The most burdening task that must be completed was the Human Resource Management, a.k.a HRM. This assignment supposedly send on the 20th February 2008. However, most of the projects sent by the groups from our class and some other classes were being rejected and must be re-do. The lecturer said that our projects was not achieving her target or goals.

All of us were shocked. We actually didn't know wut her expectation. From the question itself, she never gave a brief instruction on how to complete the tasks. And when the times came, she said that our assignments were not completed. She gave a week to complete the task.

After 3 days of redoing the assignment, finally my group managed to finish it. Thanks to all group members, Ilyas, Usin n Ramesh for giving full commitment on the task.. Now, after a hard work, we can relax and get some rest.

This week also full of replacement classes. Everyday class started in the morning and ended at night. So tired. So sleepy.. No more replacement class next week hopefully..

Erm..Friday we got no class at all. So, i can have some good rest n wake up a lil'bit late. I'll wake up before Friday Prayer.. N maybe after pray, i can continue sleeping. hehehe..

ok frens, enjoy ur weekend.. adioss...


Munirah Abd said...

jgn telajak baangun sudah!!!


Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

alhamdulillah, xtlajak.. huhu.. i woke up at 11am. wut bout u my dear, why u woke up late then me? kul12 dah ni.. huhu..

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