Thursday, February 21, 2008

HRM Really Sucks

Dear Bloggers,

Do you familiar with Human Resource Management (HRM)? For me and my other colleagues, this is a ridiculous subject that we’ve ever learnt so far. Can you imagine if u r in my situation which the lecturer gives an assignment without a proper instruction? She asked us to do as like we’re management students but the truth is we’re not. We’re TESL students.

We’re assigned to make a report on HRM from one company that has been choose by each group. However, we’re not been given the specific instruction on what to be questioned and what to be reviewed. All we have is just the question paper with few questions to be answer. To make it worst, she did not even mention about the format of the written report. In sudden situation, all we know that we must finished the assignment in 15-20 pages using single spacing and 12pt fonts. Can u imagine how packed and so hard to write 15pages using single spacing format.

That’s not the main issue yet. Today is our submitted day. We need to submit before 5pm. However, when we reached at her office, there almost 100 students making noises in front of her room. All of them are also sending their assignments. At that moment, I noticed that a management lecturer don’t know how to manage the time and schedule for her students’ appointment. I’ve heard that that day, estimated about 500 of her students are sending assignments at the same time. And what she got is just a noises environment like a ‘Pasar Malam’ in front of her room. This situation disturbs other lecturers as well.

Erm..and now, the main point is, when the students send their assignments, all are been rejected and must re-do it in a week time. For my group, we didn’t get the response yet. She just collected our assignments and asked us to come again on Friday. Now, what we’re thinking in our mind set is, our group’s assignment also will get the same response with the previous group which mean that we must re-do it again. After all the effort staying up late till morning, I’m very angry and disappointed with the lecturer and how she managed the students of hers.

And as conclusion, HR is not our main priority because it gave us the TESLian headache. However, life must go on and this Friday, I got test on this subject. I’m so tired. I need some rest. I miss my sweet Munirah..


Munirah Abd said...

i think ur lecturer tu meroyan la!!!

sabar je la erk!!

wahh i miss u 2

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

i think so. she's not a good management lecturer. She cannot manage herself so good, how come she want to manage students. so wierdo.. sabar je la.. huhu..
i sayang u..

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