Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Birthday - 24th February

Dear bloggers..

Today is my birthday(24th February).. i'm now 24th years old now.. it is a happy birthday for me, as i spent my weekend with my lovely girl, Munirah.

I went to Malacca to meet her and celebrate my birthday with her.. i went to Malacca on Saturday morning and stayed there 4 a night at Kings Hotel. it's a quite comfortable hotel.

I arrived at Malacca around 1pm and then i check in at the hotel. after refreshing myself, i then went out wif my girl for lunch.. However, our lunch were quite bad. we had our lunch at Chicken Rice Shop. the price were quite expensive, but the taste were really bad. the food tasted very salty which may give both of us high blood pressure if we ate it all.

After our lunch we watched our first movie of the day, JUMPER. it was quite a dull movie as the story is just about the guy running away using his power of transporting(jumper). i'm quite sleepy at that time, but luckily the sound effects were loud enough to make me awake. hehe... i think my sweety also felt the same.. was it dear?

After the movie, me n munirah went back to take a shower.. (i sent her to her house k) so tired, both of us take some rest before we continue our activity.. around 9pm, i took her from her house n we went to jonker walk.. just window shopping.. that place just like Petaling Street. It was nothing to find actually, but both of us just enjoying the site n smell of the food. cannot eat, not sure of the quality (HALAL or non-HALAL). we're so hungry at that time, but we dont go for our dinner till midnight..

During midnight, me n my girl went for another movie, "Vintage Point". this is a story of a bodyguard who has been betray by his own partner who want to kill the president. Erm.. the story is quite complicated. too many flashback.. erm..however it's an interesting story.

During the movie, munirah wish me birthday.. it's a lovely and happy moment. tq so much my dear for the whole day u've spent with me. i really appreciate it. after the movie i had my dinner (supper actually bcoz it almost 2am). huhu.. after dinner, both of us went back and sleep. so tired. but we're having fun..

Around 9am i took Munirah n her friends n went to bus station. around 11am i took the bus to kl. it was a sad moment to leave my sweety, however time is really jealous at us.. i need to go back to kl n meet my friends for a theater show.

It's 1pm when i reached KL. i then went to sentul n waited 4 my frens. we then watched the theater at KL Performing Art Center. all of us were very shocked when we watch the theater. it was a 'porno' like theater. the story line is full of nudity. we quit just after 15mins of the theater. huhu.. so bored.. mybe it was the last theater i watched. huhu..

Now, i've arrived at my house in BJ. i'm feeling so sad n starting to miss munirah. i really love u munirah.. i miss u.. muakhhss.. :-*


Munirah Abd said...

Happy Birthday Dear!!!!

Having fun wif u on my weekend!!

start missing u!!!

yes i do..all the time missing u!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

tq syg.. njoy ur weekdays.. good luck with ur exam.. i sayang n miss u..

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