Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what did i do last school holidays?

this story was quite outdated..
i dont have the mood to post new entry recently..

just want to share my activities during school holidays last two weeks,
my schedule still full as a working days.

even on school holidays, me n my friends went to school
almost everyday.
we're doing some school project that have been assigned for us.


this is the the school's guidance and councelling room.
we have been assigned to transform the room from
more Malay words to more English words.

so this is our activities during holidays..

the work is still in progress..
i'll show more pictures later..


Igniz said...

nak lagi best nep, ko tambah vending machine kat bilik tu..baru la ramai students yg dtg singgah kat bilik kaunseling tu!hakhakhakXD

Anonymous said...

jgn lupe mesin tikam 20 sen =P

45927 2326 said...


45927 2326 said...

nip, bagi la latihan kerja rumah untuk kitorang, suruh kitorang buat karangan ke, "what did you do last holiday" ke, apa ke... hehehe

fazrin2211 said...

rajin cikgu, hehehe

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