Friday, March 13, 2009

a day before holiday

today i went to school as usual..
but arrived at school a lil bit late.. (passengers lmbt smpai)

the activity of the morning is 'Maulidul Rasul's Celebration Day'.
it started from the beginning of school hour, 7.30am till 9.30am.
the activities during the evet were Poem recite presentation,
Nasyid performance
and price giving ceremony 4 the school athletes. (olahraga)

normallu on Friday i dont have class to teach,
but today, there's one relief class (klas ganti)
that i have to take in charge of.
it was class 5 Tekun (last class).

what made me really surprised was,
when i entered the classroom,
only half of the pupils were in the class.
i ask them where the others went..
and looking them as nothing bad happened, the answered to me..
"diorg smua dipanggil ke bilik kaunseling, cikgu."

wow! half of the class involved in fighting!
what a bad day was it 4 me..
i'm lucky i'm not the one being in the middle of the fighting..
or i might be in big trouble.. hehehe..

the class went quite well coz i managed to handle them as a teacher..
(kalau cikgu sdiri xleh handle, cikgu elok cabut je, xpsal2 kna migrain plak nnt)

p/s : my experience in the school so far.. some pupils called me Ustaz, some called me Sir, and normally they called me Cikgu.. hehehe..


Munirah Abd said...

e yewwwwww xsesuai ok u jadi ustaz..

skyrocketed said...

oit x adil...
ang nya sambutan sat ja (2 jam)
ak dr kul 8 sampai kul 12 tp xpala janji dpt mkn laksa free haha... last week dpt mkn ns kerabu free

haFiz said...

teruk betoi kak.mun,,,
takpa la,kalau student tak panggil ustz,sapa lg nak pangil bag.aneep ust...

45927 2326 said...

ustaz aneep? *COUGH* uhuk uhuk... :P

Serenity said...

mane gambar pegi tgk game MU?hehhe

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

i dont ask them to call me ustaz.. dah diorg nk pggil apa leh buat, terima je la.. mudah2an berkat.. hehe..

serinity aka syafiq : nnt aku dpt koleksi gmbar aku post kn.. tp agk kberatan skit nk msukkan.. pham2 je lah..

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