Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fun in pain

Last Saturday i went 4 a footbal live telecast match
between Manchester United vs Liverpool..
the event was held at The Sunway Elephant Walk, Sunway Lagoon.

it was part of Mymanutd club's activity,
which was the biggest event i have attended so far.
the event was organized together by Sunway and Maxis and few more organizers.
the event started from 6.30pm-12.00am.

other then the live telecast,
Mymanutd club also had been given a booth to make some promotion.
at the scene, there was full of fun and lot of excitement for all members.
we get to know each others, old and new members (eratkan silaturrahim).
and at the same time others get to know about our club as well.

but when the game start, the fun is no more.
at the end, Manchester United was beaten 1-4 in a home game to Liverpool.
it was a sad and grief moment 4 all Mymanutd members n other MU supporters.

however it was a great experience to be there with lots of friends
and also with few celebrities shown up in our booth.
the celebrities are such as Zahid (mymanutd member),
and Serina (anak Chef Wan).

p/s : to read more about the event, visit http://mymanutd.com/blog/


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