Tuesday, February 16, 2010

meet the classmates (1991-1996)

14th February 2010 was a fantastic day..
it is not because of the Valentine's Day..
but for me, it is like a friendship day..

As u all know, that day was a Chinese New Year..
therefore, many of us took that opportunity to get back to hometown.
and there are some who schedule that day as a wedding reception day..

One of the many people who had a wedding reception was Nur Aaina..
we used to study together during primary school..
and on her wedding day, it became a small reunion day for a few of our ex-classmates(1991-1996)..

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Aaina and her husband, a happy married life..
'semoga berkekalan sehingga ke akhir hayat..'

After we went to the wedding reception,
all of us (ex-classmates, kecuali pengantin) went to our primary school..
It was the day when all the flashback drove back into mind..
a lot of things were being remembered,
but lot of changes also happened to the school..
(xheran la, last msuk sek tu pun thn 2000 - angah still study kt sek tu..)

later after the visit to the school,
we went for a drink to refresh our throat and regain energy..
(letih sbb bnyk sgt gelak ketawa)
after a short drink (lama gk la kt kdai tu), all of us went back home..


smiley said...

keciknye pic....tak nampak muke member2 sir hanif..hehe

btw...sofia pun sokong...14 frenship day...tapi 14 kali nih..sofia bz kat umah je...hehe..ade kenduri kat umah cousin


Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

hahaha.. kcik2 je dah le.. skadar nk bcerita je.. n yg pnting kmeriahan tu terasa.. dlm fb tu bnyk la gmbar..

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