Sunday, February 14, 2010

catch and release

have u ever caught a wildlife animal?
i just did it yesterday..

i dont really know the species of the animal, but its look like a raccoon type..

this type of animals eat fruits..
therefore, my brother and i used papaya as a bait to catch this animal..
the trap cage was set on the roof of our house before sunset..
 then, around 1 am, the animal trapped inside the cage..

wut did we do to the animal?
dont worry, no harm was made to the wildlife..
we just took the animal to the suitable place for that types of animal to live.
it was sent to the jungle to live happily ever after with lots of fruits to eat..

here are some sequence pictures of the freedom for the animal into wildlife..

p/s: this is not the first time that this type of animals are found and captured.. 
wuteva happen, we'll always ready to catch and release the animals again n again and time to time..


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