Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2nd January 2010 - Out of service

Last Saturday, as usual i played badminton with my friends..
and that was the last day of service for one of my racquet...

Bedini Nano Glasstex 9000

since i've owned almost 7th racquets for my entire career,
this racquet was the 1st one  ended broken during the game which played by me..
over a few years of playing, most of the broken racquets were made by other users..
i didn't blame anyone for the damage, but i felt a bit sad when one of my fav racquet was among them..

it was a yonex brand racquet.. it was the expensive racquet that i'd bought..
after it was broken, i couldn't find the same series to replace it..

after the bad experience, i learnt that i need to have a back up..
so, for this Bedini racquet that just broken,
i've another one which is really the same series n colors..
this is to make sure that when something bad like this happen, i've already prepared..

so, after this do i need a new racquet? someone want to sponsor?


husain abas said...

aiyak.... da patah ka raket tue.... huhu ak tali raket br ja puttus ni

Bulan Bintang said...

ehem nak yg mana?

Motokar Kelisa said...

ehem..ada yg nk sponsor ke?

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