Sunday, August 17, 2008

activities the whole week..

other than going to class..
i've done some activities during the whole week..

the most familiar activity that i did is palying badminton with my group.
i usually play after my class end..

and on tuesday,
i went to OU to play bowling with my classmates..

the three of the boys

10 out of 15.. in a bowling alley..
what a disaster and chaos..

and recently, i went to kuala selangor with some of my badminton teammates.
we went to eat KFC and spending the day with some monkeys
on Bukit Malawati..

ili, kirin, aiman n me

ili n nad

the monkeys

me n the monkey

aiman n the monkeys

kirin n the monkey

nad n the monkey

it's a full of fun and enjoyable activities..
surely there will be more to come in the future..


Mahirah Abd said...

aper??!!! ini sudah mlampau x der pn pic ngn kakak.... naper along memperlimakn kakak? amboi2... YA ALLAH...sgt bahaya nie.... nie blh cancel jd abg ipar nie....adoooiiiii..waaa...angah ngadu kt kakak....hihihi...lalalala...

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

uish.. ini xtvt dgn member2 kampus je.. cmne nk letak gmbar akak..
lgpun gmbar akak n along xleh nk tnjuk sgt.. nnt org jeles.. sbb tlalu bahagia.. hahaha...

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