Saturday, August 16, 2008

2nd week in a new semester..

my new semester had begun fortnight already..
there are still no big coursework or assignment yet..
nothing much being learn oso..
just a few introduction..

this semester my classes are on monday to saturday..
everyday one class except for tuesday and sunday is a holiday.
the classes are all on the afternoon or evening..
the only morning class is on saturday..

so tired, and all the evening activity disturbed..
such as playing badminton..

n oso my planning on weekend also in doubt..
no more go 'balik kampung'..
n less dating with my sweetheart..
so sad..

wut to do..
it is my responsibility to learn..
n next semester i'm going to be a practical teacher..
waaaaahhh!! u can call me sir hanif.


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