Monday, August 18, 2008

It's mine

After a few months holding my thought of having new mobile phone,
which i have targeted 4 a period of time..
n mention it in my previous n3..

finally, i had bought it yesterday..
the shop is Dr Mobile Clinic
at Mid Valley.

the sales assistant is setting up the phone..

Sony Ericsson Z770i -black

it was the last stock at the shop..
maybe bcoz black look elegant
so it is hot as 'pisang goreng'

Munirah was also there when i bought it..

n i also spent precious moment with her..

i'm so happy..

thanks my dear 4 the day..
love u always..


Mahirah Abd said...

peh hp br..blh at pinjam...hihihihi...cntik lak tu.. angah daah la minat hp flip.. hahaha...lalalala....

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

pinjam?? haha... xdpt la nk bg.. lum puas pkai lg.. explore pn lum abis lg.. hehehe.. angah suh la mazury belikan....

Munirah Abd said...

ishkk suka lah tu..layout dah cantek!!!

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