Sunday, March 2, 2008

What is the best for me? Playing or Coaching?

Dear bloggers,

My entry today is still about badminton? But this time, it's not about my game, but almost like my part time career. huhu.. am i suitable to be a player? or can i be a coach?

I dunno wut all of u are thinking.. but as my experienced goes by in the past 2 3 semesters, i think i can be a coach. hehehe.. why i said like that?

First of all, i can say that, i'm still a player. and i think, now i have my own unofficial team at UNISEL. whereby, in the team, there're classmates n a few juniors. Some of them like to play bdmnton however, they dont have a basic skills of a player. so, as on of the expert(lost in the first match) in the team, i help them n give them tips on how to play badminton. and i'm very impress that all of them managed to learn in a short time.. with some more helps from other friend like usin who knows about badmnton, they can play better than they used to be in the past.

And in the UNiSEL's badminton tournament ended today, some of them managed to reach semi final and also final.. for the women double team, nad n ili, they managed to win third place. and for nik aiman, who play with one of UNiSEL's player in men double, won 2nd place. Unlucky 4 me, my journey was not as easiest as them. i've met the winner of the tournament in the first match. there are also some other teammates that played in the game, but they were also unlucky as me n usin..

So, i think, other than playing badminton, i also have the ability to be a coach.. am i good or not? hehehe.. =P

My teammates : Hanif, Usin, Ilyas, Ramesh(seldom play), Ijan(new), Khudri(new), Syafiq, Aiman, Azim, Kirin(new), Nad, Ili, Nasha(new), Qis(new) n etc.. others come to play so oftenly..


Munirah said...

linesman better for u!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

erm...linesman? ok gk tu.. but if dpt jd umpire pn ok gk.. huhu.. but i prefer to be a player.. stkat nk ajar org skit2 bleh la.. huhu..

SYIRA said...

hhmm..bagus laa klu dapat player yg dgr ckp. otherwise..aku rase better ko jd urusetia or fabuloso boy je laa. ahaks~

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