Sunday, March 2, 2008

Badminton Tournament

Dear Bloggers,

As i mention last night, i'd badminton tournament today(1st March 2008). And as mention b4 also, the game wasn't as good as i wanted.. In the first round, i met first seeded double players.

Our game started in the afternoon; around 2.30pm. b4 the game started we'd bad luck.. the court that we're supposed to play didn't have a good quality net. it just a cheap net(rm10 mybe). and this effect our morale a lil'bit, especially usin. but our game still continued as scheduled.

During the game, i was really trying my best to get a good game play. and i think i'd do it as good as i could. maybe bcoz of my wrist injury and the psychology's effect on both of us, we cannot win the match. Both of us lost 21-12, 21-14. but it's not a bad game. in some how n some way, we'd the chance to control the momentum and the pace of the game. huhu.. but luck is not with us.

Mybe next time luck will be on our side.. therefore, no retreat, but to try again next time.. we'll make it a better performance in the future, Insyaallah..


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