Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finally we've done it..

Dear Bloggers,

Bz bz bz... it had been a tiring week for me n my other group members.. the whole month we're preparing 4 our theater performance.. and finally today, our group have done it quite well.. the hard effort we made finally show us the rsult.. we're very satisfied..

Tq also to miss eda, our lect 4 being there 4 us giving guidance.. n oso tq to ms hamtaro. she didn't help, but the anger n dissatisfaction towards her give us the idea in the drama.. a crazy n humorous idea.. so funny.. i think all the audience njoy it.. huhu..

Well, the drama has finished. however, this monday my final examination start.. suddenly it was hamtaro's subject.. arghh..hate it.. but need to score.. need to study...

To all my frens, espcially TESLian wish u all the best n good luck on ur final examination.. ganbatte.. caiyok2..


Munirah Abd said...

thank god u r done!!

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