Saturday, November 10, 2007

To change others, must change urself first..

Dear Bloggers,

How r u frens? what do u think about 'changes'? Sumtimes we want others to change 4 our own sake; but do we think that should we change ourself first?

It's stated in a verse from al-quran means if u want to change others first u must change urself first. if u think somebody is bad, u shud think that are u good enough? u must make sure that urself is as good as u want from others before u ask others to change.

However, many people don't realize this. What they think is what they want and not what they should be in the fisrt place. at the same time, it's hard to change urself. u know what u want, but u cant measure urself on how urself is. U still need somebody to guide u. in other word, all of us need each other to change. Therefore, it's necessary that, i u want to change, make sure u want it urself and ask 4 other person to guide u. but beware, change for good reason not for bad one. hehehe...

Erm.. what do u think, look like a prof's talk or not? hahaha.. think what i've just wrote. i think, i should change myself as well. :) it's good to change urself once in a period of time..


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