Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's almost the end of the semester... Exam is approaching..

Hi frens,
Hows ur life? Getting better or worst?
I think the day is become shorter time by time. 24hours doesn't feel like 24hours at all. Same goes to week, month and year. As time goes by, it was near to the end of my 4th semester. I'm not sure either i'm ready or not for my final semester examination. Just in a few days, my exam will start. and i've still a lot to study. 6 subjects in two weeks time. It's a hard effort but still i have to do it in order to success. Insyaallah i'll try my very best to score. Caiyok caiyok to myself. huhuhu..
At the same time, i want to take this chance to wish all my TESLians frens and all UNISELs students good luck and all the best on ur final exam. Caiyok caiyok to all of u.. hehe.. may succes be with us..


Munirah Abd said...

Gud Luck mi dear..i dah nak abis ahad nie..xoxoox

Sir Hanif said...

u start dlu, so of coz la u abis dlu.. huhuhu.. :p tq 4 da wish. miss u my dear..

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