Sunday, November 4, 2007

Is it necessary to change a phone?

Hi bloggers,

I need ur opinion. I’m now using mobile phone Nokia 6600(sabun).But I think I want to change it one day. I don’t know when, but one day maybe... I like a flip-kind of phone. So what can u suggest me?

I’ve two pics of flip-kind phone. They are N-series phone. I think I like both phone but I don’t know which is better. The 1st model is N-75 and the latest one is N-76. Each has it own speciality but N-76 has the latest function. I’m in dilemma…

By the way, I think it just a dream 4 now. I dunno where is the money to change the phone. But if I have extra ‘rezeki’ I’ll change it. Insyaallah... =)


Munirah Abd said...

bisan la nokiaaaaaaa..

Sony E la..

Sir Hanif said...

Erm.. i like nokia's function. n ada safety precaution. bleh lock. huhuhu.. :P
we wait n c. if there's latest version(Flip-kind) of Sony E which i like, mybe i'll think of it..

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