Monday, November 12, 2007

Exam weeks is starting!!!

Dear bloggers,

How’s everything? Has everything goes well? What about your exam? To all who has finished their exam, wish u all a hepi holiday. In contrast, to all who’s going to sit for their exam, especially UNiSELians, wish u all good luck and all the best.

Tomorrow my exam will start and will end on the 21st. To all TESLians sem 4 only, here is the exam timetable which I kindly post it in 4 our reference. Huhuhu… plzz make sure u remember ur subject and subject code, so that u don’t miss the paper.

Exam timetable (TESL semester 4)

Reading For Academic Purposes
CES 2153
Tuesday – 13/11/07
8.00 pm
Main Hall

Educational Psychology
CPS 2213
Wednesday – 14/11/07
9.00 am
Main Hall

Teaching English Grammar
CES 2143
Thursday – 15/11/07
9.00 am
Main Hall

English Phonetics and Phonology
Ces 2133
Friday – 16/11/07
9.00 am

Computer & Technology in Education
CPS 1213
Saturday – 17/11/07
9.00 am
PKP Hall

Introduction to Sociolinguistics
CES 2113
Monday – 19/11/07
2.30 pm
Main Hall

Media Resources in ELT
CES 2123
Wednesday – 21/11/07
9.00 am
PKP Hall

Ok then, all the bold and italic are my subjects for this sem. Caiyok2 to everyone… Take care and have a nice day.


Munirah Abd said...

Byknya subject

Sir Hanif said...

Normally 5-6 subjects for long sem.. 2 subjects for short sem.

Anonymous said...

arigato gozaimas. bagus la ader jadual ni. senang aku copy paste jer. hahahaha. bagus bagus bagus... sem depan pun aku nak camni gak tau

Sir Hanif said...

ur most welcome.. next sem xtau la cmne. wait n c k.. klau ajin ada la.. :) 'lemapas' btul budak ni..

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