Monday, July 14, 2008


It has been a week since my last n3..
and now i'm in my hometown..
there have been a lot of things happen during this week..
but i cannot update my n3 as there are some problems that can't be excused.

i arrived at my hometown on Tuesday, 8th of July.
the first activity that i did on the first day i arrived was breakfast at KFC.
huhu.. for the first time i took my breakfast at KFC..
it was my friend treat.. if not for sure i'll not go there 4 breakfast..

in the evening, as usual, my routine continued as usual..
i play badminton with my frens.
this routine are continiously played 4X a week..
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday..
it starts at 8pm-10pm or sometimes longer..

other than that, i went 4 a few fishing activities,
with my fren(Jan), brother(angah), and Angah's fren.

we went for a seaside fishing at Sungai Baru, Simpang Empat.

it is a place side by side to Kuala Perlis.

we catched a few Semilang there..

during the week also,
i went to Padang Besar with mak to buy something.
after we've bought all the necessaries, mak wnet 4 a window shopping.

she went into a few handbag shops.

and on the same day there was a supprised news.
finally my family officially knew about my relationship.
it was a shocked and nervous moment of my life.
huhuhu.. thanks to my grandmother(maktok), now i can reveal the truth..

i'm very happy.. n Munirah oso happy..

meanwhile, on Friday n Saturday, i went back to my village.
i wnet back to give some hand on my cousin's wedding ceremony.
it's not much left to help as all the villagers had done a lot..
i just helped to carried a few things such as the food n dishes..
however, it was still so tiring as the day was so hot..

no pictures because i forgot to bring my camera..

yesterday, i went to Jitra, Kedah with my few frens from Uitm Arau..
we went for bowling games and watched a movie at Jitra Mall.
we watched HELLBOY 2 at JMC a.k.a Jitra Mall Cinema.
the place is a new building. the quality of the cinema is quite good
but still cannot compare to GSC or TGV.
about the movie, it was an enjoyable story.
there are a few actions and funny scene.

erm...that's what i did all the whole week.
nothing much but packed. huhuhu..
till my next n3.. adioss...


Munirah Abd said...

i look so hitam ehhhhhhhh!!!

yayay soooooooo happy gilerr!!!

bila ni???

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

huhu..maktok yg ckp cmtu.. tp dont wori, dah dbtulkan kekalutan itu..
erm..bila apa??

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