Sunday, July 27, 2008


I’ve been tagged again... continuously…

First time on a plane?
I think I was still a toddler… don’t know a single thing yet that time...

First time going overseas?
“Over the sea” yes, but “overseas” (outside Malaysia) not yet. Maybe one day i'll be going to further study or honeymoon...

First time staying far away from family?
3years ago.. when my first time entered UNISEL. Huhu...nothing much different.. campus life..

Most wanted place to visit?
Visit Old Trafford.. watching Manchester United match.. when?? Dunno..

Favourite accessories?
Nothing special.. just wear wut I have.. but my watch is quite important.. it is the key to everything’.

4 bad words often used
· Shit!!
· ‘F’ word!!!
· Setan!!! (a.k.a satan)
· Babi!! (a.k.a pig)

If I have money?
Hahaha.. oso like munirah said, if got money, time to get married!! pray for us so that the dreams will come true!!

Who I want to tag?
Anyone or nobody at all..


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