Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It has been a while

I think i've left my blog stranded for so long..
If it is in reality, the blog will be piled up with spider web..
But the funniest thing is, my blog is already on web (world wide web).. hehehe..

It is not because im too busy  until i dont have time to look into my blog..
but the big 'L' is hiding sumewhere in my life..
not saying i'm a L.O.O.S.E.R okay.. only a bit L.A.Z.Y to do so.. honestly talk k..

Nevertheless, i'm now doing sum part time writing n translating articles..
so, the time that i mostly spent on is doing the job.. 
Alhamdulillah enough to get myself a pocket money.. 

about my love story..
im still falling in love with the same cutest girl my eyes can see..
the one n only Munirah Abdullah..
Even she is not here beside me, but she is always be with me in my heart..
jauh di mata dekat di hati gitu..
oh munirah, aku sayang dan rindu pada kamu..
jiwang plak.. ok sapa2 nk 'bluwek' bleh lakukan skang..  hehehe..

And as part of my life also, im making myself busy with badminton..
Life is incomplete without badminton.. hahahaha.. statement xleh blah..
but really, badminton is my passion.. my fav sport..

nk men bola xleh sbb Asthma, so more to badminton la yg ssuai utk aku bersukan..
tp klau tgk bola i'm totally into it especially pasukan Manchester United..

mentioning about Manchester United, this really makes my adrenalin rising..
the 'game' is really pulling the rope up to ur neck..
kalau ada yg sakit jantung dnasihatkn kurang tgk bola dlm situasi skang..

i  think most football fans know wut im talking about..
frankly, i'm still wondering who will be the champion..
based on paper the bulus is still on top of the table..
but as shown on previous games, papers dont really count..
only the result matters.. so guys, cross your fingers,
and start to B.E.L.I.E.V.E..
and at the same time Love United Hate Glazers!!!

kalau menang satu bonus, but if xmenang skali pn xrugi apa2..
Manchester United has become champs 4 lots of time..
so it is ok to become 2nd or 3rd  sumtimes..
it is just to make the EPL more alive and exciting. 

erm..nothing more to say.. dats 4 now..
mybe next time i can make entry about food..
hahaha.. this is the part which is also my expertise.. E.A.T.


Munirah Abd said...

haih part i ciput serangkap.paart bola diaa kemain panjang berjelaaaa hehhh

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

syg, ringkas tp padat la.. hehehe.. wut is important, is wut i feel about u.. n i'll always thinking about u.. love u.. n miss u so much..

xen said...

kantoiii.. hahah ape nih.. isk2
kami di rumah seksyn 7 meraikan bersama2..

muhammad said...

umah seksyen 7... Alif n hakim... isk3...

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