Thursday, January 10, 2008

Get well Soon My Sweetheart

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Hi bloggers,
Today i've nothing much to say.. i just want to wish my love get well soon.. i'm feeling sad for her.. she got all the pain that hard to be accepted by everyone.. fever, flu, soar throat and cough.. pitty my darling.. i hope she will recover as soon as possible. have enough rest my dear.. n dont forget to take ur medicine. i'll always be with u.. love n miss u so much.. muakhhss... :-*


Munirah said...

so sweet la dear

arghhh!!hate diz situation!!!

Sir Hanif Abd Nasir said...

sabar syg.. ajin2 mkn ubat n have enough rest, insyaallah cepat baik.. i sayang u..
muakkhhsss.. :-*

Munirah Abd said...

sila masuk laman nih dan jawab soklan tersebut... hahaha

kamoo dah kena tag!!!

engineereee said...

pain is sweet if we know who give it :)

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